Wedding photo courtesy of Lina at TA Design

There are a variety of cake styles so choose the one that suits you and your theme. Stacked cakes, naked cakes, tiered cakes, fun themed cakes…. We can go through the options with picture samples.  

If the style of cake you would like doesn’t suit the number of guests it needs to serve, we can prepare ‘kitchen cakes’. These are the same flavour and basic design of the main cake but will stay in the kitchen to be sliced and served with the main cake. Perfect if you prefer a delicate refined cake but are feeding a large number of guests.  

We can look at colours to match the wedding theme, choice of finishes along with the cake table and how we present the cake on the day.  

Below is a cake cutting guide which shows you how many pieces each cake will serve. This helps us decide how big your cake should be. This then allows cake to be saved for those not attending the wedding but most importantly, not ordering a huge cake which won’t be eaten. We can discuss this when we do the cake tasting.  

“Liz created our absolute dream wedding cake for our big day. Each of the five layers had customised flavours and tailored flowers to suit our theme. The tasting session was a fantastic part of the process. We could tell our cake was made with love!”

Jessica and Richard